🇺🇸Synchronotron Sound

I invite you to connect with the melody of your birth.

Through mathematical calculations we were able to decode sunlight into numbers thus identifying the type of frequency we receive from the Center of the Galaxy each day and now we have the possibility to convert these numbers into musical notes!

I will create a video with the Synchronotron of your birth including a melody using the musical notes of the UMB mathematical calculations along with matrix 441 representing with crystals the 32 points activated in their bodies and in the Holomental Perceptor according to their frequency.

Connecting with the vibration of your melody will help you activate your abilities and accelerate your evolutionary process, as each note is part of the vibratory programming you received with your first incarnate breath and that directs you every day.

A frequency that only repeats every 52 years and that only those born on the same day that you share with you.

What would your life be like if you could connect every day with the frequency of your birth?

We are evolutionary beings and anything is possible.

Allow yourself to connect with the Synchronotron melody of your birth.

Made with love to help the evolution of everyone as a Planetaria Family.

A contribution made from the heart is the next step to receive your Synchronotron Sound with all my affection and love.

Are you ready to receive your melody?

1º. Make a contribution by PayPal informing the date of birth in the deposit

Make your donation at the value of the frequency you feel comfortable to receive the Matrix 441 and your birth melody.

Suggested frequencies:
• 1.440 • 1.111 • 1.001

• 777 • 441 • 333

• 144 • 117 • 108
• 89 • 44 • 33

For donations over US$33 you will receive as a Plus, your Synchronotron Melodic in Audio 8D and a 3’33” video with your birth Sound.

2º. Fill out the following form with your details:

At the right time you will receive by email and WhatsApp your custom Synchronotron.

It will be a pleasure to connect you with the melody of your Synchronotron.

In Lak’ech

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